Taylor Dumpson

American University

Taylor Dumpson, Class of 2018, is a dynamic student leader at American University who brings diverse groups of students, faculty, administrators, and staff together around issues of social justice. As the president of the Intercultural Greek Collective and vice president of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, Lambda Zeta Chapter, she has taken the lead in service projects throughout the region, building a network of Greek-lettered individuals from UDC, Howard, George Washington, Catholic, Trinity, and Georgetown. At AU, Taylor planned and executed over 10 programs to foster community dialog and address issues such as cultural competency, privilege, diversity, women's issues, and academic achievement. Taylor led the Alternative Break trip to Baltimore in January 2016, entitled "Structural Racism & Oppression: Community Resistance in Baltimore." As Vice-President of the Student Advocates for Native Communities club, she has worked to raise consciousness across campus on the environmental violence perpetrated toward the Sioux community in Standing Rock.

Taylor is an advocate for change who practices what she preaches. Her strength is the uncanny ability to build dialogue and coalitions across different sectors and organizations. Through fresh ideas and strong facilitation and leadership skills, she generates tangible change.

Cornelius Kerwin
American University

Personal Statement

"Growing up, my parent always emphasized the importance of 3 key issues: civil rights and identity, history, and being a servant leader in one's community. They did so by taking me to various service events routinely throughout my childhood, as well as talking to me about race and inequality at an early age. Upon moving to the District of Columbia for college, I immediately looked for ways to continue to serve my community, and get engaged in civil rights and identity issues both on campus and in the DC Metropolitan Area. Over my college career, I have advocated for the rights and inclusion of students from marginalized communities on a peer-to-peer level, as well as a student to administrator level. On campus I have had the opportunity to work with administration to create a welcome week program that focuses on social justice and connects student with community organizations and advocacy groups in the DC community dedicated to fighting for marginalized communities."

Taylor Dumpson
Law and Society: Class of May 2018
written 2017

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