Tayla Bunn

Nazareth College

Tayla Bunn, a junior Legal Studies major at Nazareth College, embodies the principles of civic engagement and works to impact her home community, school community, and society at large through advocacy, service and peer education. Tayla is a member of the Lions Club International, providing service and leadership to her local neighborhoods. At Nazareth, Tayla's leadership in programs engaging with the Nazareth student body as well as the greater Rochester community illustrate her commitment to racial and social justice. She believes that one of the ways to change society is through the law. Obtaining her degree in Legal Studies will allow her to actively make the changes needed to address vital social issues. Tayla’s ability to bring people together and provide education and awareness to the campus community were on display at the most recent campus Social Innovation Hack-A-Thon, with her winning idea of creating a community racial awareness parade.

Elizabeth Paul
Nazareth College

Personal Statement

My name is Tayla Bunn. I am a Junior at Nazareth College where I am studying to obtain my Bachelors in Legal Studies. I am the immediate past winner of Nazareth College's Social Innovation Hack-A-Thon, where students use collaboration, knowledge, skills, and humility to bring innovative ideas for change to our society. At the Hack-A-Thon, I pitched an idea for a racially aware parade, in which anyone, regardless of political stance, can come together and celebrate Rochester’s diverse community. I am a member of my school’s Black Student Union and also an active participant in Nazareth’s BLM Movement, which brings a voice to Black students at a Predominately White Institution. I constantly try to improve my own home community's welfare by performing volunteer work through my local Lions Club, which is an international non-political service organization. Being in the organization since birth, I recognize that Lionisim is about leading by example and improving the world through kindness and helping those who are not as fortunate as yourself. In addition, I regularly utilize my social media platforms to bring awareness to social issues that are plaguing our world today and to help my peers become educated contributors to our society.

Tayla Bunn
Legal Studies/Communications: Class of 22-May
written 2021

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