Tanvi Patel

Rutgers University - Newark

As a deeply engaged student leader at Rutgers University-Newark, Tanvi has demonstrated a strong commitment to inspiring social change through awareness raising, advocacy, and activism. Tanvi has facilitated inter-group dialogues and virtual forums designed for students to learn about social justice issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement and Women’s Reproductive Rights. Through her role as the Vice President of the Pre-Law Society, Tanvi created the “Black Lawyers Forum” and “Women Lawyers Forum” to uplift the voices of social identity groups that are historically underrepresented in the legal field. Tanvi’s dedication to civic engagement and social justice is also demonstrated in her volunteer work with the Grassroots Law Project where she calls state representatives across the nation and advocates for criminal justice reform. Tanvi’s commitment, strong leadership, and genuine passion for serving the community has positioned her to become an influential agent of social change.

Nancy Cantor
Rutgers University - Newark

Personal Statement

I first learned about systemic racism in our criminal justice system in one of my college courses. The professor had taken the liberty to teach his students about the effects that systemic racism and slavery had on Black Americans and minorities in America. I instantly became engulfed in the subject, taking the steps to further educate myself outside of the class. I believe education is key to solving any social issue. If we can educate the masses on the root cause of the issue, change will begin to occur. When the Black Lives Matter Movement reemerged, I immersed myself into fighting for justice. I went to many rallies in a show of my support and worked with a group of my high school’s alumni to educate the students in my town on how to be anti-racist through virtual seminars. Currently, I am working with the School of Criminal Justice to implement a course on institutional racism. I also believe that contacting representatives and getting involved in grassroots organizations is an effective way to ensure change. I volunteered with Grassroots Law Project where I contacted assembly members to pledge to instill criminal justice reform and hold law enforcement accountable.

Tanvi Patel
Criminal Justice and Political Science, double major: Class of 22-May
written 2021

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