Sydney Oshuna-Williams

Bard College

Sydney Oshuna-Williams, a second year Posse scholar at Bard College, is a very active student addressing mental health healing in our student body (as a peer health educator specializing in the healing of BIPOC students) and securing pathways to creative careers for kids in our neighboring communities. Sydney is currently serving as a peer counselor (Bard's version of residential advisor) to support students in their living environments and a Sister2Sister mentor (a student-led mentorship program providing guidance and opportunity to young women of color). Sydney also partners Bard's neighboring school districts with schools in her home state of Georgia to bridge opportunity across geographical limitations.

Leon Botstein
President of the College; Leon Levy Professor in the Arts and Humanities
Bard College

Personal Statement

Sydney Williams is a sophomore at Bard College joint majoring in Film & Electronic Arts and Philosophy. As the founder of the Me In Foundation, Sydney seeks to increase artistic education opportunities for underrepresented youth through social and cultural awareness year-round programming. In her first semester of college, Sydney created the Me In Foundation to allow youth scholars to share their stories through a variety of different art forms and currently works with over one-hundred and fifty K-12 students in Upstate New York and Atlanta. Furthermore, Sydney is a Mogul in Training at Usher Raymond’s non-profit organization, Usher’s New Look, where she facilitates conversations centered around college and career readiness as well as financial literacy! Sydney continues to use her passion for storytelling to bring untold truths to the surface because, as she says, “Every story deserves to be heard by the characters who live it."

Sydney Oshuna-Williams
Film & Electronic Arts and Philosophy: Class of 2024
written 2022

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