Sydney Lamb

Wittenberg University

Sydney Lamb is a junior at Wittenberg University who has distinguished herself with a depth of commitment to creating inclusive learning environments and equitable communities on and off campus. She serves on student government, leads a chapter of the co-ed service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, and works with local food banks and city government to address food and recreation needs of local youth. Sydney is a collaborative and compassionate leader who consistently articulates the value of civic friendship as a remedy for political polarization and path to strengthen democratic institutions. She has great potential to influence change.

Michael Frandsen
Wittenberg University

Personal Statement

As a child growing up in rural Ohio, ignorance was bliss as my experiences with diversity were minimal, but having a sibling born with a disability enabled me to see disparities in treatment that led me to my path to becoming an Intervention Specialist. I am fortunate enough to have gotten an education and to have the resources to educate myself on topics of injustice, and I am dedicated as an educator, and an individual to being a life-long learner. In college I found that my desire for social change was strong enough to minor in Political Science where I could learn about how to address injustices. One vital way to enact change was though communication. To be able to see from others perspective with the intent to understand is a great asset for any leader to strive for, and in our society where political polarization is growing stronger with each headline, I find that applying the concept of civic friendship extremely important. Through this fellowship, my goal is to focus on collaborative conversations with the intent to address areas of concern within the community. I hope to use my leadership experience to create these changes.

Sydney Lamb
Intervention Specialist: Class of May/2023
written 2022

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