Stephanie Patino-Garfias

Wright State University

Stephanie Patino-Garfias is a third year Political Science-International Studies student at Wright State University. During her time at Wright State University, she has strived to serve vulnerable populations by volunteering and collaborating with area churches, the Dayton Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Mexican Consulate, community residents, elected officials, lawyers, and Wright State students and faculty. She has raised money, has been a Spanish translator, advocate, and organizer for the civil rights of vulnerable people and communities. In her first year, she volunteered to serve the mission of Wright State's Latino Affairs Office and collaborated with a faculty member to support an investigation into what happened to student teachers who went missing in Iguala, Mexico. As the daughter of immigrants from Mexico, she has been especially active in the plight of people who leave their homeland. Her last two years have been focused on helping Syrian refugees in Morocco and Hispanic immigrants in our region. In Fall 2016, she was selected by Wright State as a Propel Ohio campus leader committed to addressing childhood poverty. While in the last few weeks and days, she has worked with an immigration attorney to organize workshops that will inform immigrants about their rights.

David Hopkins
Wright State University

Personal Statement

Serving vulnerable groups has been a passion of mine. As the daughter of immigrants from Mexico, I raised funds to support the parents of 43 students that went missing in Iguala, Mexico, and volunteered for the Mexican Consulate when they came to Dayton to help immigrants with paperwork. I worked for policy changes by translating voter guides into Spanish, served as Secretary of the Ohio League of United Latin American Citizens and, most recently, organized workshops with an attorney to let immigrants know their rights. I supported initiatives of the Dayton Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and met with Senator Sherrod Brown's Office to explain my immigrant experience in Ohio. But I am deeply concerned about all vulnerable people, including children in poverty and Syrian refugees. I serve as a Propel Ohio student leader addressing childhood poverty through education and I studied abroad in Morocco where I worked with an area organizations to feed Syrian refugees. I have tried to develop my knowledge and skills to make change by working with lawyers serving Latinos, completing internships with Cox Media and a State Representative's Office, and joining Wright State's Model United Nations Team.

Stephanie Patino-Garfias
Political Science-International Studies: Class of Spring 2019
written 2017

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