Sophie Cardin

Colorado College

Sophie’s record of community engagement demonstrates a strong and meaningful commitment to the common good at Colorado College (CC) and beyond. Sophie has worked extensively with the Collaborative for Community Engagement (CCE) at Colorado College, CC’s office that supports the co-creation of community-engaged learning experiences to develop students into engaged citizens who invest their liberal arts education in the public good. Sophie played a key role in our campus’ CC Votes committee this past summer and fall, whose mission is to increase CC voter engagement and turnout by organizing voter registration efforts, directing voter outreach and education, and facilitating ballot collection initiatives. She has also, as of this year, stepped into a Vice President role of Outreach for the Colorado College Student Government Association. Perhaps most notably, she has been a key organizer in forming the Coalition for Antiracism and Liberation (CAL). CAL is a key example of the way in which she seeks to address inequality by working toward racial equity through community organizing. In all of these experiences, she demonstrates her potential as a change agent – leading others, encouraging collective learning, and embodying her values through action and commitment.

Mike Edmonds
Acting Co-President
Colorado College

Personal Statement

I joke that I became an organizer when I walked out of my preschool class and occupied the principal's office until she promoted me to kindergarten. Within a year, I was diagnosed with dyslexia. My struggle with dyslexia taught me the importance of equity and continues to inform my work as a community organizer. I focusprincipally on youth civic engagement, antiracism, and educational equity. My academic background in political theory and legal philosophy reminds me to ask the big questions — What is justice? How should human beings live? What are the aims ofgovernment and law? I am able to step back from my work and see the big picture in full. As a community organizer, I aim to build coalitions, organizations, and initiatives that will outgrow and outlast my leadership. This requires that I lead by being a collaborator, that Iinvite accountability, and that I begin at home — in my own communities. In particular, my community-engagement is guided by values instilled in me by my Jewish community. Judaism emphasizes chesed (loving-kindness as a form of action), tzedakah(justice and service as an obligation), and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world).

Sophie Cardin
Political Science: Class of 22-May
written 2021

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