Sonia Coffin

Oklahoma Christian University

Sonia Coffin is a second year Political Science/Pre-Law student at Oklahoma Christian University. She is driven to use the tools of politics and the law to make the world better. Even while in school, she has involved herself in political causes – working in ten political campaigns so far. She reports that this experience has made her less partisan, not more. She finds more ways to get actual work done by diving under the surface polarization of the two parties and get to the actual problems that people need to solve. She says this has happened often enough that it has now become an expectation. In addition, Sonia has a passion for gender justice. She reports that her home district has never had a female lawyer or state senator. Those are both glass ceilings that Sonia says she is aiming to shatter.

Dr. John deSteiguer
Oklahoma Christian University

Personal Statement

My parents’ lives have completely impacted my life. My father was in and out of foster care his entire childhood, while my mother immigrated to the USA from Russia in her early twenties. Regardless of the challenges and obstacles which they have faced, every single thing they have overcome has made them into the people they are today—and thus, made me into who I am today. I have been blessed with a multitude of opportunities throughout my life, and I never take a single one of them for granted due to the way that I was raised. While I am currently making the most of my undergraduate experience at Oklahoma Christian University, I will continue to put my effort into law school in a few short years. While I am currently making the most of working as a Field Representative on a congressional campaign, I will continue to put my effort into my own political campaign within the next decade. My father, raised without a strong parental figure, and my mother, a first-generation American, have helped me to realize that I can achieve anything I set my mind to—just like my parents have.

Sonia Coffin
Political Science: Class of 2022
written 2020

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