Sofia Herron Geller

Oberlin College & Conservatory

Sophia is a junior at Oberlin College who is passionate about environmental justice. She has been serving as the Ohio and Michigan regional fellow for Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) with the Higher Education department for the past six months and has also served as a student representative to the City of Oberlin’s local CCL chapter. She has presented at trainings, lobbying meetings and attended multiple conferences, including one with bipartisan climate advocates from across Northeast Ohio. Last summer, Sofia wrote and submitted weekly letters to the editors of various Ohio publications, including the Plain Dealer and the Bowling Green Sentinel Tribune, and became practiced at explaining the impact of climate change to a broad audience with diverse points of view. Through her involvement with the Sunrise Movement at Oberlin College and in the Bay Area she has participated in demonstrations about social justice issues related to climate change and the environment, including transit access and housing justice. These experiences have broadened her perspective on the environmental challenges the world is facing and have reinforced the importance of collaboration with people whose beliefs and values may differ from her own.

Carmen Twillie Ambar
Oberlin College & Conservatory

Personal Statement

My goal for 2022 is to inspire, educate, and amplify community voices to protect our environment. Climate change, pollution, and environmental destruction can seem like overwhelming problems. By forming connections and fostering dialog about these issues with off-campus communities I am realizing that there is action we can take together. Coming to Oberlin from out of state, I knew joining a community organization would give me the chance to be more than a visitor during my time here as a student. The motivated Oberlin town chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) has been wanting to support and aid student environmental efforts, but they have rarely interacted. This college/community divide is one place I hope to foster more dialogue and collaboration. As a CCL fellow, I recently organized a call with state coordinators and campus leaders across Ohio and Michigan to discuss common goals and struggles to implement carbon pricing and climate action plans. Last year, I was so proud to hear Oberlin students in conversation with our Congressperson’s staff on CCL Lobby Day. I plan to continue supporting and creating these types of spaces that promote positive collaboration to solve complex environmental problems.

Sofia Herron Geller
Environmental Studies and History majors; Global Health Concentration: Class of 05/2023
written 2022

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