Smriti Sharma Sapkota

Colby-Sawyer College

Smriti Sharma Sapkota, a junior at Colby-Sawyer, is a student leader passionate about advancing dialog and awareness about diversity and inclusion. She serves as a resident advisor, a peer mentor, and the assistant coordinator of international admissions. Smriti is also president of class of 2022 in Student Government Association, Vice President of Cross-Cultural Club, member of Wesson Honors Program and Alpha Chi Honors Scholar. This semester, Smriti is taking an integrated studies course about investigating race in the south, for which at the end of the semester the class is going to various states in the south like Mississippi and Alabama. She is very passionate about racial and cultural diversity in Colby-Sawyer College community and wants to make the environment more accepting and open. She has participated and organized various cultural programs in College. She was one of the organizers of an international festival where students presented cultures and cultural dresses from different countries. She also organized global festival where we talked about festivals and food from different religions and countries. Smriti has concrete and compelling ideas for how to promote awareness for diversity and inclusion.

Dr. Susan Stuebner
Colby-Sawyer College

Personal Statement

Being an international student at Colby-Sawyer College from Nepal, I am constantly looking for chances to educate people about diversity and racial matters. As I am the vice president of Cross-Cultural Club and President of the class of 2022 in SGA, I have been organizing cultural events and participating in talks touching topics like cultures and races. I am organizing an event called the International Festival where we showcase different cultures and their components like food, clothes, dances, etc. This has given us a ground to talk about our experiences and show who we are apart from being a student on campus. This has proven efficient because we have been able to explain to people why diversity matters, and why do we need to include people from all races and nationalities to our community. One of my future plans is to conduct monthly talk sessions 'CSC Talks' where we will give a platform to students, faculties, and staff to talk about their experiences regarding racial issues on campus and in their life.

Smriti Sharma Sapkota
Nursing: Class of 2021
written 2020

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