Skylar Knight

Rollins College

Skylar Knight is a junior at Rollins College, with majors in philosophy and political science, and a minor in German studies. As a member of our Bonner Leaders Program, he has demonstrated his dedication to social justice, diversity, community building, spiritual exploration, civic engagement, and international perspective through his work with children experiencing physical, intellectual, and emotional challenges. His empathetic example of selfless service has helped mobilize their dreams. On campus, Skylar is a central force in our Democracy Project, which provides resources for students to become active participants in the democratic process. He recognizes that civic participation is critical to fulfilling the purposes and obligations of global citizenship and responsible leadership that we embrace in our institution mission. Skylar's courageous pursuit of challenges encourages others to find their voices and join him as active agents of change.

Grant Cornwell
Rollins College

Personal Statement

Faced with overwhelming adversity throughout my life, I have made it my personal mission to create positive change by advocating for oft invisible communities that do not always have a voice. As a Bonner Leader at Rollins College, a nationally recognized philanthropic organization that partners students with local non-profits, I am committed to social justice, diversity, and civic engagement at the local, national, and international level. With my passion areas including children with disabilities and youth education, I served at the Conductive Education Center of Orlando, a school for children with motor disabilities, and Special Olympics, the world's largest sports organization for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Similarly, as Student Coordinator of the Democracy Project, a non-partisan political organization, I have given college students an informed voice in the democratic process by registering them to vote and providing them with educational platforms to openly discuss contemporary issues. I plan to utilize my story as a means by which I can promote diverse and inclusive leadership in the hopes that others with their own impediments, whether it be disabilities, refugee status, poverty, or voter disenfranchisement, are driven to succeed, initiate change, and accomplish the unthinkable.

Skylar Knight
Philosophy and Political Science with a German Studies minor : Class of 2019
written 2018

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