Shannon Stephens

St. Joseph's College New York

Shannon Stephens, a third year student at St. Joseph's College New York, is a student leader that has demonstrated a commitment and dedication to helping people affected by tragedy, both locally and abroad. An articulate and academically successful college student, Shannon believes it is her "calling and responsibility to help" those that are less fortunate through education and opportunities. Shannon's focus to identify solutions that positively affect the human plight, have allowed her to make meaningful contributions within her local community and in two countries. As an advocate for children and in an effort to address the issues of education for girls in Cambodia, Shannon worked with a team to host the showing of the documentary 'Girl Rising', and she developed a non-profit mobile education idea that would allow children living in the villages of Cambodia to be educated. Shannon also felt compelled to address the overcrowded orphanages in China and traveled on two occasions with her family to the country. I believe that this courageous and impassioned leader will continue to make meaningful contributions to our global society.

Dr. Jack P. Calareso
St. Joseph's College New York

Personal Statement

The Newman Civic Fellow is a student of extraordinary character, who leads by example, and inspires others to help those in the community around them. I believe I demonstrate these characteristics through my extensive involvement both on and off campus. I hold four different leadership positions on campus currently and I was previously a leader of our Orientation Team. Through my leadership roles at St. Joseph's College, I have helped organize local projects all over Long Island, from Sandy Relief efforts to cleaning up a rescue animal ranch to visiting a local nursing home every month and donating time and labor to a local mother-and-child residency, "Momma's House". In addition to volunteering throughout the local community, I have utilized my leadership positions on campus to raise awareness for educating girls worldwide and developed my own mobile education project to combat the issues surrounding the education system in Cambodia. I believe that it is my calling and responsibility to help those around me with the education and opportunities I have been given. My goal is to attend law school and to use my law degree and the tools I have been given to create lasting change worldwide.

Shannon Stephens
Accounting: Class of 2017
written 2016

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