Serena Ly

Yale University

A second year at Yale University, Serena Ly is improving the world today and for future generations through her commitment to children's health, health equity, and the development of student leaders. Serena regularly volunteers her time with Community Health Educators, a student organization that empowers teenagers to make healthy decisions about their bodies and futures. In her second year, Serena has taken on multiple roles within public health research as she moves further towards becoming a physician scientist. Serena has recently been elected as a Co-Coordinator on Dwight Hall at Yale's Student Executive Committee, a position where she will collaborate with community members and student leaders to build a stronger and more just world. In Serena, I see an inspiring individual dedicated to ensuring the health of communities by promoting the wellbeing of every individual.

Peter Salovey
President and Chris Argyris Professor of Psychology
Yale University

Personal Statement

My first exposure to social issues arose when I volunteered at several food banks and hunger and homelessness agencies and realized the need to mobilize community resources in order to find solutions to these issues. At these organizations, I met families of people I regularly went to school with and had the privilege of hearing the stories of those I served. My hometown taught me invaluable lessons in building a community, starting with the inclusion of each individual who called it their home. On campus, I am involved with Community Health Educators, teaching basic health workshops to New Haven public schools, and conduct public health research at both the Law School and School of Public Health. I believe that eradicating health iniquities and ensuring the wellbeing of each member of our communities goes hand in hand with redressing social iniquities and integrating voices of the community in building health infrastructure that benefits all.

Serena Ly
Double: Molecular Cellular & Developmental Biology and Anthropology: Class of 2020
written 2018

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