Selene Cerankosky

Robert Morris University

Selene Cerankosky, a second year student at Robert Morris University, is a passionate advocate for the care of women, children, and families. Selene embodies the idea of servant leadership. She is the president of the Criminal Justice Honor Society and Students for Life at RMU. She volunteers with local organizations that provide vital services to pregnant women in need. Her activism extends to working with policy makers at the state level, to promote bipartisan support of more prominent roles for women in public life.

Dr. Christopher Howard
Robert Morris University

Personal Statement

My passions for the pro-life cause began midway through high school when I
was approached with a claim pro-life individuals discontinue care after the unplanned child is born. I started volunteering at a pregnancy resource center subsequently. From there, I made it my mission to be a representation of holistic concern within the pro-life movement - tending to both mother and child and empowering women to choose life. I see abortion as a tack-on to a societal makeup which has failed women. This practice is proof we are not doing enough to make it so women can both raise a family and follow their personal pursuits for success. At Robert Morris, I am President of Students for Life, Founder of the Pregnant on Campus Initiative, as well as a member of the Board of Directors for a multifunctional pro-life organization, Genesis of Pittsburgh. I host educational events, partake in public activism, operate donation operations, counsel and assist mothers in need, and deliberate on policy with both political leaders and community members.

Selene Cerankosky
Criminal Justice/Pre-Law: Class of 2021
written 2019

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