Savannah Taylor

Georgia College and State University

Savannah Taylor, a third-year student majoring in economics and world languages at Georgia College, has been committed to improving lives in our community through her work with campus and community sustainability efforts. Savannah has served as the Gardening Club president since August of 2019. In this role, she has overseen efforts to grow and improve our West Campus Gardens, which have culminated in a partnership between West Campus Gardens and Campus Kitchens that utilizes West Campus Gardens grown produce in packages that Campus Kitchens provides to members of the Milledgeville community who are suffering from food insecurity. Savannah also led the Gardening Club in partnering with the Boys & Girls Club of Milledgeville to build their own raised bed garden. In her role as a Sustainability Council voting member and as an intern for the Office of Sustainability, Savannah wrote a PepsiCo Zero Impact Waste grant that successfully secured funding that allowed Georgia College to be able to provide electric vehicle charging stations on campus.

Steve Dorman
Georgia College and State University

Personal Statement

As the Assistant Director of Environmental Affairs for the Student Government Association, I thought that the lack of participation in environmental efforts on campus was due to a lack of interest. I discovered that students wanted to participate but were often confused about how to start. Collaborating with our service organization representative, I’ve developed a sustainability program called GIVE Goes Green that will encourage our service organizations to engage in green practices through a point system and certification and that gives them a representative to connect with on green efforts. I have partnered our Gardening Club with a local school to reestablish their garden and have worked to involve high school students in workdays. Additionally, our Campus Garden has begun to donate food to students and will continue to do so through the resource center on campus. In the future, I plan to work with communities by applying to the Peace Corps and Fulbright. I will further my education with a Masters of Public Administration, Public Affairs, or a Masters of Economic Development. I hope to continue to develop small communities either through non-profits like one I’m working with now, Latino Community Fund of Georgia, or through public development offices.

Savannah Taylor
Economics and World Languages and Cultures, Spanish Concentration: Class of 22-May
written 2021

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