Savannah Francois

Robert Morris University

Savannah Francois, a third year student at Robert Morris University, is a student leader focused on raising awareness for immigrants’ rights. For the last two years she has worked with local and national nonprofit organizations advocating for immigrant justice and fair treatment for all, including coordinating a rally in support of immigrant resilience. As a criminal justice major, she has focused her efforts on supporting undocumented immigrants through governmental policy reform. Savannah is currently pursuing the creation of a social services network for immigrants and allies in her community to discuss the issues at the core of America’s anti-immigration sentiment.

Dr. Christopher B. Howard
Robert Morris University

Personal Statement

I first became involved in addressing immigration issues when I conducted research and learned that millions of people are negatively affected by the lengthy and complex United States citizenship application process. When I came to Robert Morris University, I started volunteering at local agencies where undocumented immigrants were accepted and given every opportunity to succeed. As a student leader, I have worked diligently to raise awareness for immigrant visibility at Robert Morris University and the surrounding community, bringing people together to achieve a common goal. Through advocacy and awareness, I believe I can facilitate reconstruction for immigration issues and advocate for social reform in America. My perspective on addressing the root causes of such issues requires a modern strategic approach involving education and civic engagement. Both approaches can facilitate long term change, especially if all involved parties are committed to a strong community vision. I am excited to collaborate with other future-focused thinkers to develop innovative strategies for social reform in America.

Savannah Francois
Criminal Justice: Class of 2021
written 2020

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