Savanna Kreese

Washington State University Tri-Cities

Savanna Kresse is an extraordinary student leader making a different on our campus and in the community. She is the prime example of a Newman Civic Fellow and I would like to forward her name as a candidate for our institution.
Savanna is currently a junior at Washington State University Tri-Cities and continues to hold a 3.9 GPA while staying engaged on campus. She is currently the Director of Legislative Affairs on our student government and has partnered with the local community and campus to address issues of inequality and political polarization to our students. Students have never been more civically engaged than when Savanna took office.

To mention a few, Savanna has partnered with the League of Woman Voters by organization a forum that included our local city council. Additionally, she was our campus liaison in coordinating our annual Coug Day; where students from our entire system lobby and advocate at our state capital for higher education needs and resources.

I look forward to seeing the impact Savanna continues to make on our campus. This is why I highly recommend Savanna Kresse to be the New Civic Fellow for Washington State University Tri-Cities.

John Mancinelli
Chief of Staff and Operations
Washington State University Tri-Cities

Personal Statement

I first became involved in social activism as an adult. I grew up very poor in a rural area that offered little opportunity. As a single mother it took me seven years to get my GED. Having to overcome financial instability and the fear of not being smart enough to pass my GED was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. After achieving this seemingly impossible goal I began to see my potential and have since persevered with great accomplishments. This struggle awakened a need inside me to help other like me, by recognizing the systemic downfalls that make success nearly impossible I am now able to contribute to the conversation and bring to light obstacles that otherwise go unnoticed. I am able to do this through political action aimed at making college more affordable and a reality for those that never even dream of attending. This is done by speaking to and bringing together students, educational systems, and state and national legislators. Everything from community organization, voter registration, and sitting on boards to give a voice to those that tend to not be heard are ways in which I fight for social reformation.

Savanna Kreese
History: Class of December 2019
written 2018

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