Sarah Blackman

Franklin Pierce University

Sarah has been involved with community service since her first semester. Attending her first FPU Open House, she was astonished by the plethora of community service opportunities offered. Active involvement allowed her to realize the benefits of donating her time to other people. Whether volunteering at Good Shepard Nursing Home and seeing the appreciation and the excitement in the eyes of a resident, watching children grow and hearing their excitement when you walk through the door at the Jaffrey After School Program or reading a story to a grateful young child at Head Start, the smallest effort can mean the world to someone else. In addition, Sarah has served her campus community as a Community Assistant with the Department of Residential Life and represents her peers as the Executive Vice President of the Student Government Association. Sarah stated that through service she has received valuable life lessons which provide her purpose and, more importantly, an opportunity to give back to a community.

Andrew Card
Franklin Pierce University

Personal Statement

Prior to attending Franklin Pierce, I had only participated in one major community service program, helping at the food pantry. Looking back on my earlier life, it bothers me that I was unable to do more for my community. Attending college provided me with the opportunity to change my participation in community service and gave me the opportunity to make up for chances I had missed before. From spending my time with young children to talking with the elderly, the hours I spent in community service programs flew by because of the difference I knew I could make in others' lives. The programs at Franklin Pierce have given me a purpose and, more importantly, an opportunity to give back to a community that has been extremely supportive of our University.

Sarah Blackman
Criminal Justice: Class of 2016
written 2016

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