Sara Hincapie

Bristol Community College

Sara Hincapie, a second year Engineering student at Bristol Community College, is a student leader focused on the education and advancement of women and children in the community. Since arriving in the United States from Medellin, Colombia, Sara has made it her mission to not only pursue her educational goals and career ambitions, but to mentor and educate others in her community to do the same. A current NASA Community College Aerospace alumnus, Sara's current work includes volunteering to create STEM and environmental classes for members of the community through work with her local Rotary Club and volunteering as an instructor to teach women how to code. Sara's dream is to travel the world and explore, understand, and immerse herself in different cultures with the hope of creating schools in global communities; using education to empower others.

Dr. Laura Douglas
Bristol Community College

Personal Statement

Born and raised in Medellin, Colombia, my community experienced very difficult financial and environmental circumstances. Within my family, no one received secondary education, so I never thought high school or college were attainable. However, in 2005, I immigrated to the United States and met mentors who impacted my beliefs in education and in myself. With their support, I graduated high school with honors, am now studying Engineering at Bristol Community College, and am a NASA Community College Aerospace alumnus.

Education and mentorship can change lives and communities, particularly for minority groups, the homeless, and survivors of abuse. As someone who can relate, it is important that I use my skills to aid, empower, and motivate women and children in my community. I have started donation drives to collect necessities and school supplies for children at local orphanages, created STEM and environmental classes through my local Rotary Club, and volunteered as an instructor to teach women how to code.

One day I aspire to travel the world, host events, and speak at conferences that will help empower others. It is my dream to open up schools in global communities and help them overcome their obstacles.

Sara Hincapie
Engineering Transfer: Class of 2020
written 2019

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