Samuel Peterson

Morningside College

Sam is sophomore majoring in Political Science and Business. Sam’s passion for legal studies and social justice issues has guided his program of study. He is driven by a strong work ethic and a passion for learning. As an active member of multiple student organizations, including the Morningside Civic Union, the Colonel Bud Day Center for Civic Engagement’s Student Research Fellows, and Morningside Business Honors, Sam has quickly emerged as a student leader on campus. He has played significant roles in several campus-wide events, such as the annual voter registration drive, poverty simulations, and Morningside Stand Against Sex Trafficking. Through his campus and community engagement, Sam’s outstanding organizational and communication skills are easily detected. In his interactions with a variety of people across a diversity of settings, he has shown that he is a reliable, energetic leader who welcomes the opportunity to delve into new tasks and challenges.

John Reynders
Morningside College

Personal Statement

To me, civic engagement is not just about being politically involved, but it is taking action on nonpolitical and social issues as well in the community. This is what led me to Morningside College. At Morningside I have the opportunity to take part in something better. Currently I am a Colonel Bud Day Center for Civic Engagement Fellow and work on the Morningside Poll. The Morningside Poll is a student run public opinion poll in Iowa. Our poll allows us and lawmakers to see how the public views certain issues and bills that are going to be introduced. At Morningside I was also involved with the Morningside Stand Against Sex Trafficking. The Stand was made to raise awareness on campus of human and sex trafficking that takes place in our community. For part of it I organized a panel discussion with community members including a local shelter representative, Assistant US Attorney, and many others. The whole project helped to open many eyes, including my own, about the struggles that occurs in our community, even on campus. My time at Morningside has allowed me to become civically engaged and allowed me to help others in the community do so as well.

Samuel Peterson
Political Science/General Business: Class of 2021
written 2020

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