Samuel Edwards

Kansas State University

Sam Edwards, a Junior at Kansas State University, is an active student leader through New Student Services and student government. In addition to being a welcoming face to students joining the K-State family, he has worked to make sure each student kind finds a safe place on our campus. As a member of the Greek Community, Sam has worked through the LGBTQ Greek Allies organization to actively include members of the LGBTQ community in the life and activity of our campus. In the Student Senate, he has raised the student voice in decision-making at the campus level as well as how the university relates to the Manhattan community. Sam has demonstrated his ability to evaluate and articulate the needs in our community and provide the empathy and the open ears to work to address the root causes of these issues. I have no doubt that he can take the knowledge and skills gained here at K-State and apply them to his future advocacy efforts going forward.

Kirk Schulz
Kansas State University

Personal Statement

I am a firm believer in leaving things better than I found them. This belief was instilled in me throughout my time as a member of the Boy Scouts of America, an organization that truly taught me how to be an involved and dedicated citizen. I spent countless hours volunteering and learning that by improving other people's lives, I also was improving mine. Some of my favorite memories of service came from working at a local Boy Scout camp for four years. I spent over 280 days helping those younger than me to grow into men dedicated to doing a good turn daily. At Kansas State, I am a voice for LGBTQ inclusion on and off campus and am constantly finding ways to give back to my community and my school. Whether it be helping with voter drives, teaching younger scouts how to learn new skills, or arguing on the senate floor on behalf of my fellow students, I have found that by giving my time to others, I have truly found my passion.

Samuel Edwards
Mass Communications: Class of May 2017
written 2016

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