Samara Demary

William Peace University

Samara is a highly engaged and civic minded student at William Peace University who often exceeds expectations. She is a positive, well-respected, hard-working and enthusiastic individual who keeps her community at the center and is inclusive in her work.

As only a sophomore, I have seen Samara work hard to provide support to students, create memorable experiences, and give back to the campus and the Raleigh community. She works with the Wellness Center to provide students with information on mental health, collaborated with the SGA on a community service project to clean up a local park, and worked with the campus community to help recognize WPU staff that often go unnoticed.
Overall Samara is a student leader at WPU we know we can trust to live our our values and will represent us very well through the Newman Civic Fellowship.

Brian C. Ralph, Ph.D.
William Peace University

Dr. Brian Ralph
William Peace University

Personal Statement

As a child, I was exposed to a wide variety of people and cultures. My parents’ careers afforded me the opportunity to live on both the east and west coast. I had the privilege of getting to know people from every walk of life. I have allowed those experiences to shape a part of my being. As I transitioned to my teenage years, I realized my passion for service! I immersed myself in clubs and organizations that allowed me to further build upon my quest for influence. I created an outreach group that targets and serves disadvantaged youth; providing equality and access to students with limited resources. As a member of Student Government at WPU, I’ve been able to network with others with the common goal of making sure all students feel as though they have a voice and a sense of belonging. Service is a critical component of developing compassion and understanding while advocating for the things that you are passionate about. Through service my personal goal is to leave people and situations better than I found them. I am purposeful and intentional in my actions…Authenticity, Confidence, Courage and Influence will continue to be the foundation of my existence.

Samara Demary
English: Class of 2022
written 2020

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