Samar Dahleh

Cabrini University

Samar Dahleh is a Junior (rising Senior) Political Science major and pre-law student at Cabrini University. Our mission is entitled “Education of the Heart,” and Samar is a prime example of how a student can live out that mission. Samar co-founded the Muslim Student Association in her sophomore year, which has quickly become one of the most vibrant and engaged student groups on campus, holding annual Hijab Days and free henna demonstrations, as well as fundraisers and a winter clothes drive for international and local humanitarian relief. Samar's way of building a better world is through welcoming others and building bridges. She set up MSA as a place of safety and welcome for fellow Muslims, and as a welcoming place for non-Muslims with questions to come as well. She has done all this while attending Cabrini as a commuter student. We have seen this approach from Samar again and again: she leads others into a deeper engagement with important questions, with the ultimate goal of building a better world.

Dr. Donald Taylor
Cabrini University

Personal Statement

The fall term of 2019, I co-founded the Muslim Student Association at Cabrini. My goal for this organization is to not only spread knowledge verbally to our members, but to humanize Islam to those who are unfamiliar with the religion. With the group being split evenly between Muslims and non-Muslims, I work every week to provide for everyone to get what they came for as well as creating an interfaith environment.

Being able to lead MSA means the world to me, but being a part of a variety of student groups on campus (Pura Vida, Spectrum, SGA) opens my eyes up to the behind the scenes of other communities which is very important to leadership and understanding those around me. Without feeling comfortable around unfamiliar communities, we cannot grow as people.

I utilize my philosophy and political science degrees, as well as these bonds and the wisdom I am still searching for to become a successful lawyer. I have so much love for the potential this country has but without people to uplift the voice, it will only remain as potential. This country cannot grow and flourish into the world we want it to be without the work towards inclusion.

Samar Dahleh
Political Science: Class of 2021
written 2020

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