Samantha Montanez

Capital University

Samantha Montanez, a third-year student at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, is an active student leader, both on and off campus. Samantha addresses social issues in her work as an intern with Alvis House and the Bonner Program that affect the communities nearest to our campus. In her work, she not only gets to be a part of exploring the problems, but also a part of creatively and collaboratively thinking about solutions to those problems. Samantha plays a pivotal role in creating lasting partnerships with the community

Dr. Elizabeth Paul
Capital University

Personal Statement

Being involved in my community did not start when I got into college. Giving back and creating new ways to help others has been something I have done since I was a child. My parents are the ones to give all the credit for the work that I do. If it were not them showing me to care for my neighbor, to help people when they need it, and to be a good person, I would not do all that I do today. My father was a baseball coach for inner-city Cleveland kids, and through this sport, my parents were able to show me what it means to be true advocates of community engagement. This was my start and from then on I vowed to be someone who does what her parents did because what they did was good. Now, as someone who is greatly involved on her campus, I hope to be making that same impact. I see the benefits of showing basic human kindness, utilizing strengths, and showing understanding. I hope to use this as a platform to create larger scale change one day, and I hope that I can aid in creating a world where all people are treated with equity so that one day we can reach equality.

Samantha Montanez
Criminology/Sociology/Psychology: Class of 2020
written 2019

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