Sabyne Pierre

Dartmouth College

Sabyne hit the ground running from the moment she joined Dartmouth's class of 2020. She brought her interest in social justice to an internship through Dartmouth's Center for Social Impact with Lava Mae, a nonprofit organization in San Francisco whose mission is to restore dignity to those moving through homelessness by providing mobile showers. On the heels of that internship, Sabyne applied to be a part of SEAD, an educational access program working with under-resourced high schools throughout New England wherein they are mentored by Dartmouth students, taught by educators, and given access to transformational opportunities for leadership. The school with which Sabyne partnered was the Bronx School of Science and Mathematics and the administration described her as the largest "bundle of intellectual energy" they had ever met. Since coming to Dartmouth, Sabyne has expertly balanced rigorous academics with extracurricular activities that speak to her sociopolitical interests such as being part of the Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering team supporting hydroponic farms and actively participating in Soul Scribes, a slam poetry group combining her love of spoken word and intergroup dialogue. In so many ways, we have much to look forward to as Sabyne continues to make her stamp on this world.

Philip Hanlon
Dartmouth College

Personal Statement

It was because of social impact that I was able to have food on the table, work on local social impact projects, and even spend a summer in Haiti connecting with my family.

My mom, a single parent of 5, could not afford groceries to sustain a full household, so she would go to a food pantry to get canned goods for us. The food meant so much to me and my family, and it fueled my goal to start volunteering at that same place. Before her passing, we prepared clothes and canned goods to ship to Haiti after the 2011 earthquake and spent that summer in Carrefour (where my family is from) servicing as many people as possible. That summer, I recognized and pursued my passion in social impact.

Then, working for a nonprofit who provides mobile showers for citizens moving through homelessness opened my eyes to the importance of addressing issues that affect our neighbors today, such as educational inequalities back home in Newark.

I am currently interning at a high school in an under-resourced urban area, Bronx NY, mentoring students on the college application process. I've only been working for a few weeks here, but it has further strengthened my commitment to help others, just as others before me have helped my family.

Sabyne Pierre
Government: Class of June 2020
written 2018

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