Ruthie Tucker

St. Norbert College

Ruthie Tucker, a first-year student at St. Norbert College, is passionate about empowering Native American students through education and inclusion. Ruthie strives to make Native voices heard which led her to form the "Council of Indigenous Peoples" at St. Norbert College. She knows that this newfound community will allow for discussion, action, and friendship. Ruthie grew up on the Menominee reservation and knows the challenges that come with being Native American. She wishes to reach out to tribes across Wisconsin to share her story and inspire young students to reach their fullest potential. Ruthie firmly believes that knowledge and education are the tools that can overcome substance abuse and alcohol. She also believes that with higher education, Native Americans can battle the stereotypes that they face daily. Ruthie has high hopes that more Native Americans will be motivated to attain higher education.

Dr. Brian Bruess
St. Norbert College

Personal Statement

With our newfound community, The Council of Indigenous Peoples, I have exciting plans for the future. To address the lack of higher education on reservations, I intend to present to high schoolers from various tribes in Wisconsin. I want to make it known to them that higher education is possible, that they can attain higher education through hard work and dedication. Also, I want to reinstitute a day on campus where Native American high schoolers are invited on campus so that they may come to know what higher education is.

Ruthie Tucker
Elementary Education: Class of 2022
written 2019

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