Ruby Zimmerman

Georgia College and State University

Ruby Zimmerman, a second year student majoring in political science and rhetoric at Georgia College, has been committed to expanding voting rights and increasing civic participation. She has worked tirelessly both on campus and off, educating her classmates about the civic process and helping them register to vote through the various campus events and voter drives she has organized, and also working on political campaigns within the greater Milledgeville community. As the secretary of Georgia College's chapter of the American Democracy Project, she has worked with faculty members, her fellow board members, and students across campus to develop a Voter Engagement Plan that enabled voter registration training for on campus organizations and individuals. She is currently serving as a legislative intern for Congressman David Scott as part of Georgia College's GC in DC Program

Dr. Steve Dorman
Georgia College and State University

Personal Statement

I grew up in an affluent suburb of Atlanta, Georgia where close to 75% of the population was white. However, my college community in rural Milledgeville, Georgia has greater diversity. After working on political campaigns in Milledgeville, engaging with minorities, and seeing deteriorating neighborhoods, I have gained a new perspective when it comes to issues concerning voting rights. I have begun initiatives by engaging Georgia College students in Milledgeville's voter registration process. I coordinated student led "Get-Out-The Vote" canvassing, targeting minorities within the community. We helped elect the first female African American mayor of Milledgeville in 2017.

In addition to advocating for change in the community, I have been an active voice on campus towards increasing voter participation from students. This year, I helped bring to Georgia College the Voter Friendly Campus Initiative and TurboVote to simplify the voting process for students.

Throughout my college experience, I have learned a great deal both inside and outside of the classroom. I want to see change occur in America's voting booths. I'm prompted to be a "mover and shaker" to see how far we can go!

Ruby Zimmerman
Rhetoric and Political Science: Class of 2020
written 2019

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