Rosmery Nerey Rodriguez

Seminole State College of Florida

Rosmery Nerey Rodriguez, a second year student at Seminole State, is a student leader active in issues related to the environment and sustainability. In her role as the Student Government Association President for our Sanford/Lake Mary campus, she has been a leading advocate for increasing awareness and implementing several initiatives including a water filtration system and a college-wide recycling program. She coordinates service projects with organizations such as the Central Florida Zoo and the Seminole Education, Restoration and Volunteer (SERV) program for students where the volunteers not only help other people in our community, but also learn lessons on how important it is to conserve the wildlife and the environment. Rosmery is an exceptionally passionate leader who is capable of generating excitement and energy for a wide range of projects. Her potential for bringing about improvements to address environmental issues is unlimited.

Dr. E. Ann McGee
Seminole State College of Florida

Personal Statement

Protection and conservation of animals and the environment in general have always been my passion. The way I see it, it is our responsibility as humans to take action, big or small and contribute in all ways possible to the protection of what is our greater home, our planet Earth. My goals are to create awareness and work on solutions to address the many environmental issues that are affecting us and that need to be acted upon soon rather than later. By being involved in various leadership organizations on my college campus, I've been able to bring up some of these issues to my fellow students and college community. I've pushed forward initiatives to make our campus more sustainable. By working with local organizations, I have created opportunities where the students and community members can learn about the issues that are affecting our environment and the ways these can be addressed. This task is not something I can complete in one day or a couple of years even; instead, it is a constant effort, one that I plan to keep making in order to reach as many people as possible to all work together for a better tomorrow.

Rosmery Nerey Rodriguez
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation: Class of May 2016 (Associate of Arts) she will transfer for bachelor's
written 2016

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