Rochelle Thompson

Notre Dame of Maryland University

Rochelle Thompson, a junior at Notre Dame of Maryland University, exhibits an outstanding academic record on top of her many extracurricular involvements and accomplishments. At NDMU, she is double majoring in English and Political Science, and holds leadership positions that reflect her exemplary intellectual pursuits. She is the Chief Editor of Damozel Literary Magazine, Notre Dame’s literary magazine publication that captures the stories and interests of the NDMU community. Ms. Thompson also represents the best of students in the English Department through her work as the President of Sigma Tau Delta, an internationally recognized English honor society. Notably, she is also an Engagement Coordinator through NDMU’s Legacy Leaders program, and she is a member of the United Nations Club where she exercises her commitment to international policy and engagement. Ms. Thompson embodies leadership in the spirit of service and civic engagement, and throughout her time at NDMU, Rochelle has reflected what it means to be a Notre Dame Leader.

Marylou Yam
Notre Dame of Maryland University

Personal Statement

My commitment to leadership is demonstrated through my acts of service, love, and compassion. In my own journey, I have interned with Senator Shelly Hettleman of Baltimore County and the Maryland General Assembly, and in being part of that legislative team, engaged on a local level through advocacy, research, and keeping up with the legislative process. I also believe in the importance of mentoring at the community level through programs like NDMU’s YES Program and at my church. Through mentorship, you can equip a generation with the tools and support they need to succeed. My Caribbean and Black culture are important parts of who I am, and in collaboration with local hair vendor, Cindy Tawiah (creator of hair line Diva by Cindy), I’ve worked to educate and promote the health of natural hair. Each year I find new ways to grow in the communities I am a part of, whether that is educationally, spiritually, physically, or online. It is a great honor to be a part of so many communities and use my voice to promote change on a local and national level while advocating for those whose voices are silenced or ignored.

Rochelle Thompson
English and Political Science: Class of 22-May
written 2021

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