Riley Pearce

Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Riley Pearce, a senior at Northwestern Oklahoma State University is an active member of the NWOSU Honors Program, the Psychology Club, and the Civic Fellowship Program. She's been inducted into the Red & Black Scroll Honor Society & the Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society. In May, she will complete her second internship at the Oklahoma State Capitol. Riley is a public servant at heart. Her many volunteer activities include Feed the Children, Back-A-Youth, Food for Thought and March of Dimes. She is an advocate for legislation involving the use of illegal substances by pregnant women & the effects on the child born with said substance in his/her system. She has already considered the possibility of seeking public office.

Janet Cunningham
Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Personal Statement

Because of my passion for public service, I intend to follow a career path that pertains this. I will graduate in May of 2018 with a Bachelor's degree in social sciences with a focus on political science. Because I am a determined and passionate individual, I desire to further my plan to practice family law after attending law school, as well, as research and participate in several areas of state legislation. I wish to learn more about what the people need from state and national governments to protect freedoms and rights of those who cannot fight for it themselves. I am currently and will continue to focus on legislation involving the use of illegal substances by pregnant women and the effects on the children born with said substance in their systems. I would like to take the lessons used in my experience at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, volunteer activities, and legislative internships to properly serve the people of Oklahoma in a position of public office or as a lobbyist for advocacy. I belied that I have what it required to learn and develop all that is needed to provide for the people of Oklahoma and I know that the legislative internship I desire to acquire will only prepare me further.

Riley Pearce
Social Sciences: Class of May 2018
written 2018

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