Ricki Boateng

Widener University

Ricki Boateng is a sophomore nursing student at Widener University. Since the beginning of her college career, Boateng serves three hundred hours of service each year as a Presidential Service Corps Bonner Leader. Placed with the Family and Community Service of Delaware County, Ricki served as their donor database coordinator, organized donor information and fundraised for the Ralph Moses House, a transitional housing program. Currently, Ricki serves as an HIV/AIDs tester in non-clinical settings such as universities and rehabilitation centers. Boateng's efforts provide critical hands-on care for people who need access to proper healthcare and support. In Spring 2019, Ricki intends to support the certified nursing assistant to take blood pressures and promote healthy living. While Ricki is an advocate of community health in Chester, it is her goal to make a global difference serving as a missionary in Ghana.

Alongside continually cultivating her servant leadership, Ricki has achieved her Oskin Leadership Certificate and holds a position on the executive board for the Widener University Student Nursing Association Undergraduate Representative/ Break Through for Nursing.

Julie Wollman
Widener University

Personal Statement

Growing up in a single parent, immigrant household, I always thought about what I could do to mitigate the effects of poverty and build supportive health environments. As a child living with sickle cell disease, I spent much time in hospitals and was wrapped up in supportive relationships with my nurses. It inspired me to become a nurse and change maker.

I want to grow up and become a missionary in Ghana, bringing with me a toolkit of leadership, public policy and health care expertise. I want to work with people with genetic disorders, like me and reverse the effects of malnutrition, bad water sources and more. In my time at the Family and Community Service of Delaware County, I serve three hundred hours of community service advocating for those with HIV/AIDS. While I began in the office as a donor database coordinator, I have grown my expertise to include fundraising and testing for HIV/AIDS in non-clinical settings. I hope to expand services through the creation and implementation of a new mobile testing van in order to reach out to more communities.

I look forward to continuing to integrate my academic pursuits with lifelong community change.

Ricki Boateng
Nursing: Class of 2021
written 2019

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