Rhyder Jolliff

Rogers State University

Rhyder Jolliff, a second-year student at Rogers State University, is an active, engaged student leader committed to meeting community members' essential needs, including but not limited to clothing and nutrition. He has initiated donation drives to help meet such needs, producing impressive results with expedience. Rhyder chartered and is president of a community service fraternity on campus, which is currently partnered with Read Across America, local animal rescue organizations, homeless shelters, senior centers, veterans centers, and Habitat for Humanity. Mr. Jolliff is a conscientious individual with the rare ability to take responsibility for an initiative while also empowering and involving others.

Larry Rice
Rogers State University

Personal Statement

I have long been involved with all aspects of community development. For the duration of my high school career, I was involved in several community partnerships to help sustain and promote the wellbeing of Muskogee, Oklahoma residents. I served on a community policing board and helped organize the first "Late Night Hoops," a late night event where officers engaged directly with the community in basketball games. I also co-chaired the environmental impact committee, where promoting green technology and innovation in public and private business was the top priority. On campus, the chartering of Epsilon Sigma Alpha has been instrumental in involving the student body in community service and volunteerism. In just under six months, there have already been over 6,000 hours of community service recorded.
I have also been involved with legislation campaigns, letter-writing events, and social media initiatives to promote the betterment of Rogers State University and Oklahoma, as a whole. More than anything, I have enjoyed working hands on to give members of the community the tools they need to succeed. I have coordinated several donation drives that collected food, clothing, and education supplies to assist in any fashion in making Claremore the best it can possibly be.

Rhyder Jolliff
Public Administration: Class of 2019
written 2017

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