Renee Vnuk-Uhrman

Moraine Park Technical College

Renee Vnuk-Uhrman, a first year Medical Laboratory Technician student, is passionately invested in her family, community, and pursuing her healthcare career. Renee was motivated by her mother's chronic illness to pursue an interest in healthcare. She took college credits in high school and became certified and employed as a Phlebotomist the summer of high school graduation. She has continued working as a Phlebotomist throughout her first semester here at MPTC, while still maintaining high academics for her Promise Scholarship. Renee's ultimate goal is working to change healthcare as a whole and help people live their best lives possible. She is engaged in helping her community through volunteering at the local hospital, and working with high school youth in the pep band and bowling team. Renee is a strong role model of the MPTC core abilities. Core abilities, as defined by Moraine Park, are "transferable skills, knowledge and/or attitudes essential to an individual's success regardless of occupation or community setting." Renee demonstrates the core abilities of communicating clearly, collaboration, respect, planning, organizing, listening, modelling, and adapting to change. Her dedication to family, school and community speaks to her strong work ethic and solid integrity with a desire to make a difference.

Bonnie Baerwald
Moraine Park Technical College

Personal Statement

Growing up, my interest in the medical field was first sparked when my mother began experiencing health issues. Countless appointments later she was finally diagnosed with Dysautonomia and Multiple Sclerosis. This is when I decided that I want to help people who are struggling like she does. When I took college classes in high school, including medical terminology, I became more interested in the science side of medicine. Within a month of graduating high school I become a Certified Phlebotomist. As I continue my education to be a Medical Laboratory Technician, and ultimately a doctor, I work toward my biggest goal of all; to change healthcare as a whole and help people live their best lives possible. Through my volunteer involvements I have learned how to teach and work with youth as a coach, how to be more empathetic while helping people be comfortable as I volunteer at a hospital, and how to listen as I help students within a high school band and a high school bowling team. I hope to one day help change healthcare for the better.

Renee Vnuk-Uhrman
Medical Laboratory Technician: Class of 2021
written 2019

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