Rebecka Snyder

Tulsa Community College

Rebecka Snyder is a student leader at Tulsa Community College who understands that large-scale change can happen when those who are passionate about civic engagement find ways to collaborate with others in the community. Rebecka's work with The Demand Project has allowed her to speak with law enforcement and lawmakers about the need to better prosecute sex-trafficking crimes while also more effectively identifying and protecting the victims involved. Legislation has been proposed and passed as part of her efforts with The Demand Project, and more is underway. Rebecka works to fight against sex-trafficking on an individual level as well by mentoring sex-trafficking survivors and at-risk girls. Her bravery and determination are remarkable, but her decision to give back to others as she pursues her educational success is truly astounding. Rebecka will make a wonderful representative of TCC as our Newman Civic Fellow.

Leigh Goodson
President and CEO
Tulsa Community College

Personal Statement

I am a sex trafficking survivor who now works to prevent other women and children from facing the horrors I endured for ten years. Through a local non-profit called The Demand Project, I have spoken at the Beyond Awareness Human Trafficking Summit and at Tulsa Community College, reaching law enforcement, legislators, educators, and the general public. I also volunteer to help other trafficking survivors create a better tomorrow. As a result of sharing my story and volunteering, The Demand Project has raised enough awareness to help create legislation, prosecute predators, and rescue other victims. Personally, I think the only way to make an impact on this very real problem within our country and our neighborhoods is to raise awareness. Sex trafficking has impacted millions of people's lives, and continues to do so on a national scale and right here in our own backyards. My only hope is that in sharing my story I will continue to help other victims like myself find the freedom that can only come from community awareness and action.

Rebecka Snyder
Business Administration and Liberal Arts: Class of 05/19
written 2017

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