Rebecca Zaneski

Misericordia University

Rebecca Zaneski, a sophomore at Misericordia University, is a passionate student leader in the community. Rebecca was named Miss Pennsylvania Collegiate America 2016 for her personal platform of promoting good oral hygiene in children. She is working with the Children's Healthy Smile Project and educating early Head Start children about the importance of brushing their teeth. As a student, Rebecca demonstrates a love of learning and a level of commitment necessary to succeed in college and beyond. She is a sophomore Biology major with the intention of going on to dental school to become an orthodontist.

Dr. Thomas J. Botzman
Misericordia University

Personal Statement

My parents taught me very early on that being involved in the community was a part of my routine and I have been volunteering ever since. From cleaning up local parks, volunteering at the VA Medical Center, to helping out at the soup kitchen; I have been able to stay involved my entire life. As a future dentist, I want to focus my voluntary efforts on making a difference. I decided to partner with the Children's Healthy Smile Project to teach young children the importance of brushing their teeth. I was recently awarded a $600 grant to purchase smile kits and distribute them to the Head Start Centers in Luzerne County. My personal platform is Smile Happy where I promote good oral hygiene, one smile at a time! I am also working with Operation Smile, a global organization that provides surgeries to children with cleft lip/palate and I look forward to creating an on campus club. Through all of my community service I have gained valuable skills that I hope to pass on to all of my future voluntary efforts so that I can make people healthier, one smile at a time.

Rebecca Zaneski
Biology: Class of 2018
written 2016

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