Rebecca Arturo

Westminster College

Rebecca (Becky) is actively involved in a variety of leadership organizations including Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Lawrence County, Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, and Origins after-school program (New Castle, PA). Her involvement has allowed her to develop leadership skills, demonstrate commitment, good judgment, and responsible citizenry.

Perhaps Becky's most significant contribution has been her role as a mentor in Big Brothers/Big Sisters. As a freshman, Becky recognized the need for the program. When she learned that the program was waning due to attrition related to graduation, she picked up the torch, formed a new group of students, and took the lead. Since that time, Becky has increased our college's participation from 2-3 students to more than 50 - quite an impressive feat for a student who shies away from the spotlight.

Becky also serves as a leader with Westminster's chapter of Habitat for Humanity. She has been on Alternative Spring Breaks which is spent doing community service projects, and has emerged as an advocate for those in need. Becky has proven herself to be hardworking, reliable, and trustworthy.

Becky is consistently a leader among her peers. She has shown deep commitment to community-based involvement. She is a leader in civic-engagement issues and is an inspiration to others.

Richard Dorman
Westminster College

Personal Statement

I have always been passionate about service and volunteerism. By the time I was in middle school, I was a regular volunteer at events such as soup kitchens and was serving at a nursing home. While events like these are vital to the community my approach to has greatly evolved during my college years.

Weekly engagements as a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters, Special Olympics, and volunteering in an after-school program has shown me that the best way to understand the root of social issues is to go directly to the source. I now serve in low-income areas and work at-risk youth on a regular basis. I know I make a stronger, more significant, and meaningful impact on the community I am serving because I am building relationships through consistency and trust.

Similarly, after attending a Habitat for Humanity young leader's conference, I learned a lot about the importance of advocating for those in need and ways to do it. Getting my hands dirty on Habitat sites has shown me that compassion and hard work are the keys to helping people overcome their current situations.

Rebecca Arturo
Biology: Class of 2017
written 2016

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