Randall Deffert

Flathead Valley Community College

Randall Deffert, a second-year student at Flathead Valley Community College, is dedicated to serving others and making education accessible for everyone. As an active member of the National Guard and a three-tour veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Randall has made and continues to make great sacrifices for our country and our community. He currently serves as an IT Specialist in the National Guard and volunteers as an assistant in FVCC computer classes for senior citizens. Randall excels at mathematics and tutors other FVCC students in remedial math classes. He said his work with senior citizens and remedial math students is especially important to him, because he believes that everyone should feel comfortable attending college and furthering their education. Randall will graduate from FVCC this spring with an AS degree and plans to transfer to Montana State University (MSU) in the fall to study software engineering. On top of his civic contributions, Randall has maintained a nearly 4.0 grade point average during his time at FVCC and intends to continue his pursuit of excellence and civic engagement at MSU.  

Dr. Jane A. Karas Ph.D.
Flathead Valley Community College

Personal Statement

I enjoy making life easier for others by contributing the various skills that I have learned over the course of my life, including during my time with the National Guard. Working with senior citizens who are enrolled in computer classes at Flathead Valley Community College has been greatly rewarding for me. I have assisted numerous students learn the basics of computer usage, e-mail composition and web browsing. It is amazing to watch these students become confident computer users. I believe that everyone should feel comfortable going to college, no matter their age. Math has always come easily to me, and I enjoy tutoring those who struggle with this important subject. I have worked as a framer and have put my carpentry experience to work as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. In addition, I have volunteered for the FVCC Theatre Department building sets and operating the soundboard. All of these activities have provided me with a greater sense of belonging in my community and have brought me new friends and new skills.  

Randall Deffert
AS - Science: Class of 2016
written 2016

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