Rachelle-Mae Flores

Raritan Valley Community College

Rachelle-Mae Flores, a first-year nursing student at Raritan Valley Community College, personifies a leader in service who has found creative ways to continue helping the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite her demanding academic course load, and the inability to volunteer in person during the pandemic, Rachelle-Mae has continued serving the local nursing home where she volunteered before the public health crisis. Rachelle-Mae has produced recordings of her piano playing that are shared with residents during mealtime, bringing much-needed cheer to seniors at a time of so much social isolation. She is also supporting a local adult day center by researching various virtual platforms, resources, and services that exist for seniors to keep them engaged. An art aficionado, Rachelle-Mae has created colored drawings that are sent to organizations that deliver them to seniors and troops overseas. She is also extending her services toward the mental health community by volunteering for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. At RVCC, Rachelle-Mae supports fellow students by organizing virtual study space sessions to encourage their academic success. She also has volunteered at the College’s Food Pantry. Dr. Michael J. McDonough, Ph.D. Raritan Valley Community College President

Michael J. McDonough
Raritan Valley Community College

Personal Statement

Since graduating from high school, I have had one educational and career goal in mind: receiving an Associate Degree from Raritan Valley Community College and becoming a registered nurse. Through service learning opportunities at RVCC, my passion and excitement about entering the healthcare field have strengthened. By serving the community, I have learned more about myself as well as the geriatric field in which I hope to work after graduation. In recent years, I have volunteered at both a large university hospital and an adult rehabilitation center. Through these experiences, I have built relationships and have improved my communication skills with the employees and patients/residents at these organizations. I also have volunteered at RVCC's Food Pantry and I am currently researching various technologies to assist the elderly at an adult day center. Volunteering regularly has motivated me throughout my studies, encouraging my commitment to nursing and emphasizing my desire to make a positive impact on others. Rachelle-Mae Flores Nursing Student: Class of 2022

Rachelle-Mae Flores
Nursing: Class of 22-May
written 2021

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