Rachel Muir

Dartmouth College

Rachel Muir's commitment to community is evident long before she joined Dartmouth's class of 2020. Rachel first visited Dartmouth in the summer of 2013 when she participated in the Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth (SEAD). SEAD is a 4-year program that brings high school students from under-resourced backgrounds to Hanover, NH where they are then mentored by Dartmouth students, taught by professional educators, and given access to transformational opportunities for leadership and service to the greater community. Rachel is the first SEAD student in the past three years to be accepted into Dartmouth and since arriving last fall, Rachel has expertly balanced rigorous academics centered on educational inequity with extracurricular activities that also speak to her sociopolitical interests. One such campus avenue that Rachel has committed to with impressive dedication is Dartmouth's Action Collective. Tasked with using their privilege to educate others on intersectional feminism, the history of social justice, and the nuances inherent in oppression and prejudice, the Dartmouth Action Collective intentionally promotes dialogue across typically divisive lines of gender and race. Rachel is only beginning her journey as a Dartmouth undergraduate student but if her history of addressing, academically and otherwise, inequity and social justice is any indication, we have much to look forward to as Rachel continues her journey.

Philip Hanlon
Dartmouth College

Personal Statement

I have strong passion for community. I find immense joy in the formation of community and the ways in which communities can be powerful in combatting structural inequity. I intend to spend my life counteracting injustice by devoting myself to both community-based and structural agents of change. Currently, I facilitate a series of workshops aimed at educating those with typical avenues of privilege on the intricacies and intersections of both privilege and oppression. In this work, I strive to take the burden of education off of those who have been/continue to be oppressed and to increase the number of allys in my community. In addition, another aspect of my passion revolves around educational equity and college access; I believe that one of the strongest ways to battle inequality is through education. I currently work with Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth (SEAD), a college-access program, to assist under-resourced high school students overcome the setbacks they face to gain access to and thrive in higher education. Through these activities, I am given an outlet for my passion of service and to enact change. I've also gained incredible skills and knowledge for which I am immensely grateful as all my endeavors continue to show me the beauty of community engagement.

Rachel Muir
TBD: Class of 2020
written 2017

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