Quinn McCormick

Rogers State University

Quinn McCormick, a sophomore at Rogers State University, has exhibited tremendous social engagement and involvement. As a freshman she was Senator for the Communications department in student government. As Senator, she worked to bridge the gap between her peers and faculty. She initiated legislation to provide more computers for convenient and free access to students on campus. She was awarded Senator of the Year. She is currently the Executive Assistant of student government fulfilling secretarial and treasurer duties. Quinn is also an outstanding member of the President's Leadership Class. She was named Freshman of the Year in PLC, in recognition of her diligence and commitment to her community service efforts and continual campus involvement. She is also a member of the Honors Program. Through Honors, she has shown dedication to her studies. Through both programs, she has had the chance to be involved in multiples volunteer projects. She is most passionate about serving the homeless community in the Tulsa area through Night Light. Recently, she helped organize efforts that raised more than $1,000 dollars to fund a meal and provide essential resources to the homeless and low-income families that attend Night Light. This project took immense dedication, passion, and time.

Larry Rice
Rogers State University

Personal Statement

I have always been passionate about social issues such as civic engagement and addressing the issue of homelessness. Involvement in the political processes is imperative to a well-functioning society and I find college is a crucial time to build those values. As a member of the Executive Committee in Student Government Association, I have a platform to encourage involvement in the political processes in the broader community as well as on campus. Through multiple registration drives, I have helped register hundreds of students to vote and engage in meaningful political discussions. I have also been able to work with Night Light Tulsa for two years in providing resources to the homeless community of Tulsa. Working with this organization has broadened my perspective and increased my passion for helping the homeless. It is important to offer not only resources, but also personal relationship and community to the homeless and low-income families that attend every week. Material resources are necessary of course, but to sit down and ask them questions about their life, family, dreams, etc. is a whole other experience. My goal is to offer them human connection and conversation, recognizing them as the valuable individuals they are.

Quinn McCormick
Communications: Class of May 2020
written 2018

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