Peter Johnson

Saint John's University

Peter Mark Johnson, or Pete, is a student who has dedicated much of his college career to acts of community service and civic engagement. Focusing heavily on local issues of local hunger and poverty, Pete has taken both a hands-on approach, as well as an administrative approach, to making his community a better place for all. Encouraging fellow students to get involved, promoting community events, and contributing to a variety of other campus programs has been Pete's method of acting on his passion for service. Equipped with firm beliefs in his abilities and dedications to others, Pete has contributed to his local community through his passion for hands-on work and community improvement.

Michael Hemesath
Saint John's University

Personal Statement

I first began my focus on service to my community around the start of my high school experience. My mother taught me the importance of being thankful and giving back. My dedication to service has revolved around issues of hunger and homelessness in my local community. Although never experiencing these issues myself, the idea of a neighbor or resident of my town going without a meal drove me to try to make an impact. I have come to realize the significant impact that acts of service can have on an individual, no matter how small those acts may be. On campus, I help facilitate a program which aims to end food waste and hunger in Central Minnesota by repurposing food from dining centers and distributing it to various organizations throughout the community. Additionally, I have contributed to other efforts on campus which have goals of combating hunger and homelessness in Central Minnesota and raising awareness for the issues. I am also involved in other clubs and organizations which focus on building leadership qualities and improving the lives of others in the local community.

Peter Johnson
Political Science major, Accounting minor: Class of 2019
written 2018

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