Paul Vermette II

Bristol Community College

Paul Vermette II, a student in the Commonwealth Honors Program completing his Liberal Arts degree at a Bristol Community College,is passionate about inspiring the youth of his city to dream big and achieve their goals. After taking on the role as coach of a local youth baseball league, Paul recognized the best way to lead is by example. Paul re-dedicated himself to the pursuit of higher education and during his time at BCC Paul has taken on the roles of Student Senate President, College Ambassador, Member of the Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts (PHENOM), and student representative to the President's Transition Team. At every turn, Paul has used these positions to advocate thoughtfully and fiercely for his fellow students and for those who will come long after he has left the College. Paul is currently working tirelessly to develop a mentorship program for high school students in New Bedford at risk of dropping out of school.

Laura Douglas Ph.D.
Bristol Community College

Personal Statement

Many situations test your character and one decision can push your life in the wrong direction. I was a high school dropout. Now, I'm in the position to give back to others and show that it's possible to get out of the darkness. Becoming involved in my community through coaching youth baseball provided the perspective necessary to understand myself better. Enrolling at Bristol Community College as part of the Commonwealth Honors Program showed me, and the boys and girls I coach, how to set goals and achieve dreams.
My involvement with the Student Senate, first as the New Bedford Campus Representative now as the President, our local chapter of PHENOM, and as the Student Representative on President Douglas' transition team taught me to work with others in order to advocate for myself, my fellow students, and members of the community unable to self-advocate. BCC pushes me to go for what I want in life and to not let fear get in the way. I am going to pursue additional education after graduation. Now, my success isn't only for myself, it's for those who need someone to look up to. I want the youth to hear my story and have hope.

Paul Vermette II
Liberal Arts, Transfer: Class of BCC Graduation June, 2018 - Transferring to 4-year institution upon graduation
written 2018

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