Paul Farrell

Stevenson University

Paul Farrell, a junior Business Communications student at Stevenson University, embodies the ethic of service and civic engagement as a student-leader on campus. As President of Campus Crusade for Christ, a global Christian non-profit, Farrell has planned and provided guidance for over 20 events for the Stevenson community and beyond, often addressing issues such as homelessness in Baltimore. Farrell who is actively involved in the Male Initiative of Leadership and Excellence (M.I.L.E.) at Stevenson has facilitated multiple events that served the community, such as feeding the hungry, protecting the environment, assisting in the creation of athletic facilities, and reaching and supporting urban youth. Farrell is a humble leader who is involved because he truly wants to serve others. Service has become an integral component of his college career, and he often leads by example. Farrell is sincere in every aspect of his life, which allows him to represent Stevenson with professionalism and excellence, while also enriching the lives of the people that surround him.

Elliot Hirshman
Stevenson University

Personal Statement

My desire for service began not when I first saw a flyer to get involved, but when I saw people broken and in need of help. Serving became a part of my identity during high school when I overcame a devastating spinal cord injury. During my rehabilitation, I witnessed patients at the University of Maryland Baltimore Hospital not being able to walk as I gradually started taking steps of progress. Ever since, my passion for helping others has grown tremendously. This experience influenced me to serve wherever I go. I am grateful to be able to bring my heart of service everyday on campus as a Resident Assistant serving freshmen, and in Stevenson Athletics serving both athletes and coaches. The Student Government Association, and M.I.L.E., helped me make a difference for those who are disenfranchised, homeless, and paralyzed by systemic injustices every day in the Baltimore area. In addition, I have journeyed beyond the Stevenson community with Campus Crusade for Christ, serving New York City by feeding the homeless, helping inner city high school students, and helping bring awareness to food pantries. I am passionate about service and am excited to see how I can grow as a servant leader.

Paul Farrell
Business Communication: Class of May 2019
written 2018

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