Patrick Grifone

Northampton Community College

Patrick Grifone is a second year business administration student at Northampton Community College. As an incoming freshman last year, he wasted no time engaging in projects and organizations that matched his passion and interests. On campus, Patrick knew he could make a difference by joining Student Senate, where he became treasurer and ultimately president. He serves on the College's curriculum committee providing the student perspective on academic programming and at monthly Board of Trustee meetings, updates the members on college community engagement activities. Patrick was a member of the Center for Civic and Community Engagement's committee that created and implemented NCC's first annual "Day of Service." As a member of the Center's Leadership Committee, Patrick has been integral to the process of identifying pressing needs in the community and focusing on ways to ameliorate those issues. His approach to any problem, issue or new initiative is one of careful research, thought and commitment. He is reliable and a "go to" person when you want things done. Patrick is a young man wise beyond his years, and the potential for impacting whatever community he chooses to join will be immense.

Dr. Mark H. Erickson
Northampton Community College

Personal Statement

I have always recognized the importance of civic engagement, but it wasn't until I became a college student when I discovered that assisting the community is an unspoken responsibility of every citizen. I rapidly became involved in my school's college life and before long I was sitting on a committee tasked with creating my college's first annual Day of Service. Not only did our dedication create a new pride point for our school, but we had an impact on people from a variety of different backgrounds. When I asked where I could personally help in the community, my college introduced me to an organization known as Feed the Children. I began to offer time each week, organizing and packaging supplies such as non-perishable food items, water, toys, toiletries, and other items that would help struggling children live happier and healthy lives. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to raise awareness for the needs of others, and because of what I've learned from my experiences I plan on doing whatever I can to help those in need for the rest of my life.

Patrick Grifone
Business Administration: Class of 2016
written 2016

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