Patricia Ferguson

Adelphi University

Patricia Ferguson is a sophomore at Adelphi University who has already established herself as a leader of social justice projects across campus. A social work major, she is member of the Adelphi’s prestigious Levermore Global Scholars Program and the student coordinator of the Adelphi Collaboration Project, an organization that assists campus groups stage social justice events. In that role, she worked with Adelphi’s Interfaith Center, campus organizations and a local cathedral to create a Meditation and Social Justice program, a weekly meeting focusing on spirituality, guided meditation and interfaith dialogue. She also played a key role in a Women and Resistance in Mozambique event, which brought an activist from that country to campus to talk about women’s issues as well as the effects of climate change on southern Africa. Her work on that project, as well as her participation in a Levermore food-recovery project, led to her being named the Levermore Outstanding First-Year Student. Trish is also a peer assistant and resident assistant, serving as a mentor for first-year students. She is a role model for many others across campus as a student who actively strives to build networks and work with others toward a common goal.

Christine Riordan
Adelphi University

Personal Statement

When I was young, I was never able to understand why there is so much injustice in the world. It wasn’t until I started my education at Adelphi that I really began to learn about the causes of inequality, which led me to start working with social justice initiatives on campus. I’m a social work major and a part of Adelphi’s Levermore Global Scholars Program, which has challenged me to become a global thinker and develop my leadership skills. It also helped connect me with the Adelphi Collaboration Project, a campus organization that helps other campus organize social justice-related events. As student coordinator for the Collaboration Project, I have the opportunity to support a social justice presence on campus and in the greater community. In addition to social justice, I am also interested in building and strengthening communities on campus. This has brought me to work as a peer assistant leader for first-year students and as a resident assistant. I am thankful for the opportunities I’ve had thus far in social justice and community building, and I cannot wait to do more.

Patricia Ferguson
Social Work: Class of 2022
written 2020

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