Paige Schoppmann

Plymouth State University

Paige Schoppmann is an effective leader and advocate in advancing women's issues and developing meaningful service outlets for her peers. Paige is the President of SAVE All (Sexual Assault and Violence Education Alliance), which is a nationally affiliated student organization addressing sexual assault and providing violence education. She founded the chapter at Plymouth State University and presented to the President's Commission on the Status of Women about SAVE All's mission and vision for our campus community. In addition to her involvement with SAVE All, Paige is also a Regional Core Team member for It's On Us, an initiative across college campuses to educate students faculty and staff about sexual assault and bystander intervention. As a sophomore, Paige presented at Plymouth State University's post-election campus forum and assisted as a facilitator for the campus community discussion. She has shown strong initiative in taking on multifaceted societal issues in an intentional manner throughout her two years on campus. In addition, she will serve as an orientation leader in the fall. Paige is dedicated to her projects and builds positive relationships and strong teams.

Donald Birx
Plymouth State University

Personal Statement

When I was young, I was always acutely aware of how people are affected by others' actions. I made my first friend by befriending her when she was bullied for the color of her skin, and I've gravitated towards others similarly. When I was in high school, I gained the opportunity to go to Ecuador to help people in need. Through this experience, I learned more about the world, and how important it is to spread kindness and love. I became more aware of economic inequality, as well as minor differences between my family and the community around us. I am furthering civic engagement by organizing a group of students to volunteer in Peru. I became aware of social inequalities through my experiences with others at a conference I've attended for years, learning their experiences with racial inequality, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia. In high school, I fought for equality when women were unfairly called names by administration due to the dress code. Currently, I am founder and president of a group on campus to raise awareness and prevent sexual assault. I attend peaceful protests in my free time, and I will always continue fighting for equality and justice for all.

Paige Schoppmann
English: Class of 2019
written 2017

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