Paige Collette

Plymouth State University

Paige Collette, a junior at Plymouth State University, is an active leader in involving her fellow peers in community engagement. She is a leader in International Service Trips, PSU Volunteers, and Alternative Spring Break, and has shown great dedication to advancing community identified and driven projects, and working with her peers to engage them in local and global projects.

As a service trip leader for both local and international projects, Paige exemplifies a student leader who is making significant contributions to the development of fellow students, and to the communities she works with. Paige's approaches all of her endeavors with genuine enthusiasm, authenticity, and curiosity. Her most recent pursuits this year are leading an Alternative Spring Break Trip which is focusing on hurricane relief, and co-leading an international service trip to Petersfield, Jamaica, where students will participate in community identified projects.

Donald L. Birx
Plymouth State University

Personal Statement

I've done different volunteering events and always enjoyed them. It used to be something I had to do for school or church, but last year I found a deeper joy in it. After joining a volunteer focused club, I realized that giving back doesn't have to be a chore or inconvenient and doing service with my friends only made it better. I don't know what about my experience changed all I know is that nothing makes me feel as happy or purposeful as volunteering does. Different clubs on my campus give me the opportunity to do in different ways and I am very grateful for that. I am focused on volunteerism as a whole and getting my peers excited and passionate about it.

Paige Collette
Sociology and Criminal Justice: Class of 2019
written 2018

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