Omar Afifi

College of the Holy Cross

Omar Afifi, a sophomore and chemistry major on the pre-dental track at the College of the Holy Cross, was selected for the fellowship in recognition of his extensive community engagement, dedication as a mentor to first-generation college students, and leadership potential. Omar has worked locally with the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) Program within the Worcester Public Schools, serving on college readiness panels to share his journey to college and the college experience with Worcester youth. Omar plans to integrate his pre-dental experience into future presentations to educate Worcester youth about oral health – knowledge he wishes he received growing up. At Holy Cross, Omar serves as a leader with two programs dedicated to serving first-generation college students, Holy Cross’ Passport program and HCF1RST Scholars Program. As a first-generation college student, Omar understands the importance of providing resources to first-generation college students for navigating the complexities of college, as well as sharing how he confronted the challenges of transitioning to higher education. Omar seeks to grow in his leadership skills through gaining critical civic engagement expertise, and pursuing opportunities to address issues of equity and justice through education and healthcare.

Vincent Rougeau
College of the Holy Cross

Personal Statement

Attending college was always part of the plan. I became keenly aware of the college admission process when I began applying during my senior year of high school. My experience as a first-generation college student can be described as one of self-exploration and discovery. Passionate about teaching and inspiring younger students about the possibility of attending college, I decided to present about college life and the process of applying to college at local Worcester public schools. The sessions are typically an hour-long and consist of a presentation segment and a question and answers segment, where students ask their questions and I attempt to answer them. On campus, I am also the Community Outreach Coordinator of HCF1RST, a campus-wide organization designed for the College’s first-generation college students. I plan to continue presenting at local public schools and expand the presentation topics to include specific aspects of the college admission process in a greater detail. The goal is to inform these younger students of education opportunities I would have liked to hear when I was their age.

Omar Afifi
Chemistry: Class of 2024
written 2022

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