Olivia Golden

Skidmore College

Olivia Golden a third year student at Skidmore College is an Environmental Studies major and Art minor. On campus, Olivia has been a leader in existing student organizations and has been active through the Skidmore's Sustainability Office as well. For example, Olivia served as a Sustainability Representative for the Office. Olivia was instrumental in various outreach initiatives involving environmental art installations around campus. Olivia also helped organize a fireside chat about environmental justice and helped design and organize an outdoor "show room" that offered suggestions of ways students could reduce their electricity consumption in their dorm. During her time at Skidmore, Olivia has also been a recognized force in the broader community. She has interned with the Schenectady Inner City Ministry for the summer lunch program which provides meals over the summer to youth up to the age of 18. She has volunteered for Common Ground Relief, a wetland restoration and community outreach group based in New Orleans and interned with Roots and Wisdom, an organization aimed at engaging the youth of Schenectady County in serving their community through the support of a sustainable local food system.

Philip Glotzbach
Skidmore College

Personal Statement

Through my work with urban gardens and social justice initiatives I have developed a better understanding of the connections between environmental and social issues. I have noticed that the communities most effected by environmental dilemmas are often left out of the conversation, which led me to have a passion for environmental justice. At school I worked for the Skidmore College Sustainability Office to raise awareness on campus of the social implications of environmental issues. I am particularly fascinated by transboundary freshwater supplies, sustainable agriculture, and urbanization. I enjoy learning about these topics because I have a wide array of interests from art to environmental policy. Working in the environmental field allows me to combine my interests and collaborate with people from different backgrounds to brainstorm environmental solutions. As an artist I am also interested in exploring the ways in which art can be used as a method to rally support for environmental and social causes.

Olivia Golden
Environmental Studies/Art: Class of 2018
written 2017

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