Noelle Stone

Florida Gulf Coast University

With a strong passion for service, Noelle Stone empowers and inspires those she meets to pursue a life of service. Majoring in Legal Studies at Florida Gulf Coast University, she aspires to be an attorney for victims of domestic, dating and sexual violence. She has worked toward overcoming local problems such as underprivileged and at-risk youth, and women's rights with a concentration in helping victims of abuse at Abuse Counseling and Treatment. Noelle is an active involved at FGCU and within the Southwest Florida community. She is a mentor for the Leadership Through Service Living-Learning Community, a volunteer and on-call rape crisis advocate at Abuse Counseling and Treatment, the founder of the Leadership Through Service Registered Student Organization, an Emerging Eagles graduate, as well as the Vice President and service-learning chair of the Competitive Cheerleading Club. She is passionate about serving others and this transpires into every aspect of her life. Noelle impacts hundreds of lives in the local community, empowering them to become more independent and civic minded. Always looking for new ways to encourage, empower, and enlighten people of all walks of life Noelle's energetic and motivating spirit has left a lasting mark in her community.

Wilson Bradshaw
Florida Gulf Coast University

Personal Statement

From the beginning of my college career I have aspired to put service first. As a freshman at FGCU I was a member of the Leadership
Through Service Living-Learning Community. Through this experience I found my niche in service: empowering women and helping victims of abuse.
I became a mentor for this Community and founded a student organization to bring service opportunities to the entire student body. Then, I began working with Abuse Counseling and Treatment (ACT). I completed a 90-hour training program to volunteer as a rape crisis advocate. I spend Saturday nights meeting with victims and helping them take control of situations that have left them hopeless.
I want to reduce the amount of victims of abuse and have begun working with the children at ACT because studies show that once a child has been exposed to abuse they are more likely to enter into an abusive relationship. I have developed lessons to bring contemplative practices to the children in the shelter that focus on mindfulness and self worth.
Working with ACT I hope to be a light in these victims' lives
always believing in their strengths and abilities to overcome all obstacles.

Noelle Stone
Legal Studies: Class of Spring 2018
written 2017

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